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Work for easyProperty, part of the easyGroup. Firstly, an asymmetric gradient background for easyProperty campaigns was created, to follow the design style of easyJet. Following this, a branding style was created for the business.

This style combined doodle illustrations on the gradient background and also over photography. The concept of this was to create a vibrant approachable feel to the brand, which is in line with easyGroup’s ethos -‘Honest, Open, Caring and Fun‘. As so many people create basic doodles, this style evokes familiarity to the user, helping the audience connect emotionally with the brand. The style was adopted for online assets,  banners, printed campaigns, adverts and the website (this was built by another company). Being simple doodles, illustrations were easy to create when needed. There are also many online resources in this style, which meant designs were quick and easy to produce. See the Digital Asset pages for more examples of easyProperty work.

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