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What is Design Thinking?

Not to be confused with ‘Graphic’ Design – Design Thinking is a solution-focused, problem-solving methodology that helps companies and individuals achieve a desired outcome on an inner problem, or work forwards a future plan. Design Thinking allows for the user of the system to have a more structured plan for understanding innovation and to grow more as a company.

Vavoom can offer you Design Thinking workshops on specific topics you wish to develop, following a five step process, developed at Stanford and used by Apple, Nike, IBM, Shell, Starbucks, Intuit, Airbnb, Braun, Accenture and many more. It has become a popular system for developing products and services, as it drives out answers and solutions.

Stage 1: Empathise

Research stage to gain insights to the problem, using interview techniques and personas to gather information.

Stage 2: Define

Analysis and understanding of the information gathered. Define the line of enquiry based on findings.

Stage 3: Ideate

Focus here is to generate a lot of ideas, maybe using alternative ways to solve normalised problems, and then selecting the best answers for development at the next stage.

Stage 4: Prototype

Creation of a few inexpensive models, using basic materials to create a prototype. This allows for investigation into possible solutions to the identified problems in the earlier stages of the Design Thinking process. With each new prototype, the team investigates different aspects of the problem and explores how each of the prototypes would fix the problem. In the making the process gives a better understanding of the advantages and constraints of the product/service/design.

Stage 5: Evaluate

During this stage Design Thinkers test and evaluate their prototypes to see how well they solve/handle the problem that they initially analysed in stages one and two. Even during this step, the team can and will make alterations and refinements in order to make the product more polished for their needs. Further evaluation can be incorporated with testing the prototypes with volunteers, other staff and other stakeholders to obtain diverse feedback.

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