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Apple’s logo

Interesting article on the development of Apple’s logo and naming. As with all major logos, reinvention and reworking towards the purest simplest form of itself is a recurring idea and goal. Although we think of big brands remaining the same visually, they are in fact often making small shifts with their identity, to ensure they are relevant, modern, appealing and memorable.

Article here.


Hoefler & Co – Operator Font

Ah the love for a typewriter based font…

H&Co discuss their design for a monospace typeface. Monospace (or “fixed-width”) typefaces have a unique place in the culture: their most famous ancestor is the typewriter, and they remain the style that designers reach for when they want to remind readers about the author behind the words.

Typewriter faces have become part of the aesthetic of journalism, fundraising, law, academia, and politics; a dressier alternative to handwriting, but still less formal than something set in type, they’re an invaluable tool for designers.